Dear Elisabeth… (on your first day of middle school)

Dear El…

Thank you for making me laugh every single day. I don’t know where you got this sarcasm from (ha—that’s total sarcasm) but it’s just the best. You may only be 12, but you’re sly wit is way beyond that.

Here’s another delight that you might not even know is happening: you’re learning to laugh at yourself. Wow. Learning to not take yourself too seriously is an invaluable gift you’re giving yourself. Brilliant, dear girl. This will make middle school so much easier.

Because, as you’re discovering, middle school can be the place where serious drama goes down. VSCO girls (sksksk and I oop), Tik Tok lovers, and that’s not even getting into boys and the drama waiting there. You’re blessed to be able to hang back and see silliness for what it is.

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Except, sometimes it’s too easy to write off all of life as ridiculousness. It can become a bad habit to see everything as a little silly and not get overly involved in any of it. Here’s what I’ve learned the hard way: you might find you miss out on the best parts of life when you don’t risk participating. If you are just an observer, you miss the true ups and downs. 

 It’s a delicate balance between observing and participating….between scoffing and joining…between risking and playing it safe. Trust me: showing up always wins as the better option.

 My prayer for you is that you realize middle school and our family and the world needs the perspective of Elisabeth Hergenrader. Friends need your jokes, I need to hear your brilliant observations, our family needs your smiles and encouragement. God wired you to be special, El, and your beautiful perspective is worth sharing. Keep showing up.

 And as always, keep making me laugh.

  I love everything about you.


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