Dear Catie… (on your sophomore year of high school)

Dear Catie…

It’s a little hard to believe you’re starting over again. We moved houses. You moved schools. Sophomore year and you’re having to deal with #freshmanproblems again.

It’s a bit scary—for me, at least. There’s so much at risk here. The years of high school feel like stair steps to the grand goal of graduation. By moving our family, have we sent you back to step one? 

And you already had a great freshman year. You made all the new friends; you worked hard to be a competitive athlete; you learned that high school finals are a thing.

Now, Lutheran South. You’ve got to figure all this out again. The kids don’t know you, you don’t know the teachers, and—well, everything else completely new. It’s a lot. Two steps forward and one back.

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But here’s the good news—you’re not moving backwards. You figured out high school last year and you can do it again. It’s not which school you’re at or which friend you have or which city you live in—it’s unique you. Beautiful you.

You, dear Catie, are all enthusiasm, sparkle, and zest. You make me laugh every day. Your faith is growing and that will get you through the hard times that are surely coming.

When the boy drama hits…when the friends don’t show up like you expect them to…when Daddy and I let you down…when you are so over high school and all the homework, remember who you are.

You’re powerful because your God is powerful. You are loved because your God is all-love. And that’s all you need to know. 

You make it all look easy.

Only you, my dear Catie. Only you.



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