50 Reasons You Should Work at Camp This Summer

IMG_3626Summers at camp are unlike anything else. If you don’t have plans for this summer, try it. Apply with the nearest camp….or look for one across the country.

I’m reposting this in honor of Last Summer at Eden‘s Birthday. Here’s the book trailer, which talks about a few of these. Enjoy!

You should work at camp this summer because….
1. So many hours of sunshine!
2. If you live, work, and play with the same people for two months, they will become your people.
3. Stars. Every night.
4. Want to be a superhero to a bunch of kids?
5. Yes, you do need to learn a meal-time prayer set to the tune of The Addams Family theme song.
7. When was the last time you dressed in head-to-toe camo for a game of Capture the Flag?
7. Leading Bible studies every day will change the way you see God.
8. Staring at a campfire will help you zoom-out on everything swirling around in your life right now.
9. You’ll be surprised how little you really NEED your phone.
10. You haven’t slept well until you’ve hiked, swam, canoed, laughed, worshipped, and refereed kids for fourteen hours.
11. You might just meet the love of your life.
12. Become a master wasp hunter (or learn your allergic)
13. Having a new scale of “tired”
14. Being able to turn any kids movie into a proclamation of the gospel.
15. Closest thing you will get to living on another planet ( aka no communication to the outside world lol)
16. Learn how to get yourself (and 10 kids) up and out of bed in less than 10 minutes.
17. Becoming a conservationist by taking very few showers and being okay with it (sleep is more important than being clean).
18 You’ll have the urge to name everyday objects (water bottles are always named at Camp Lone Star).
19. You’ll have an arsenal of games to play at any moment.
20. You can entertain people (kids) well in any situation.
21. You will feel like a junior master naturalist (Google it if you are unfamiliar, and prepare for your life to be changed)
22. Learn what family of Christ truly looks like.
23. Experience Heaven at any worship.
24. You will be able to roll with anything thrown your way! And be able to fake like you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.
25. Your heart will break for kids and be stolen by them in a way that you didn’t know you were capable of as twenty something year old.
26. You will be in on every trend in elementary school realm
27. Just because your counselor crush has the same age campers as you, does NOT mean you should plan things together #CAMPERWAR
28 Learn some wicked sweet dance moves and have bumpin music to listen the rest of the year (shout out to CMVs)
29. Gain acting skills you didn’t know you would ever use.
30. Be able to self diagnose yourself and your cabin at a moments notice.
31. Gain true appreciation for conversation with other adults or just contact with someone who isn’t 10.
32. Being okay with ugly crying in front of other people (leaving camp stinks ).
33. The limit of candy options for a s’more do not exist (Sour Punch Straws have gone on s’mores).
34. Always start in scripture; bible study, skits, devotions, life…
35. 100+ kids doing anything all at the same time is terrifying (all camp soccer, swim, ACA).
36. Being a counselor holds a lot of power, sometimes for good and sometimes bad.
37. You will never clean the same way ever again (excellence is in the details).
38. Jesus is always better.
39. Meet new people from all over the country (or the world).
40. Learn that everything you *really* need actually does fit in a suitcase.
41.Get close to God in a whole new way.
42. Caring for 6-10 campers each week will make parenting seem like a cake walk some day (well, sort of).
43. Get paid to hike and swim.
44. Free food.
45 Minimal opportunity or temptation to spend all your paycheck…great place to save $$.
46. Get away from your annoying little brother all summer.
47. Dust boogers.
48. Feeling like you truly earned that shower each day.
49. Awesome camp swag!
50. Find Your BPOE *Best Place on Earth*

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