If you’re on the island for Spring Break or to visit the beach this summer, check out the Hurricane Ike Tree Tour. Our family loves driving (or, in nice weather, walking) around and spotting the beautiful creations these artists have made from dead oak trees.

I write about this tour in my book, Family Trees & Olive Branches

From the book–

“THE OAK TREES OF GALVESTON AND HURRICANE IKE One last tree metaphor because this one is so perfect to show what God can do through our families.

In 2008, Hurricane Ike, a Category 4 (out of 5) storm blew 145-mile-per-hour winds through Galveston. This was the worst hurricane to hit my beloved hometown in the previous one hundred years. The storm surge was devastating to the little island. Salt water flooded the roots of thousands of the city’s trees, killing them instantly. Besides the more catastrophic damage, citizens were heartbroken at the loss of the community’s treasured old oak trees. Except … the dead trees weren’t the end of the story.

Where many saw ugly, lifeless trees, artists saw a chance for something new and beautiful, for rejuvenation. Several artists brought their saws and knives and created gorgeous sculptures from these old trees. Over several months, these artists breathed second life into the old oaks that once lined neighborhood streets and shaded homes (including my childhood pastor’s old yellow house). This reminds me of what Jesus did on the cross—and what God does in your lives and in your family.

We see destruction … and He sees resurrection. We see end … and He sees beginning. We see the storm demolished—He sees it turned our trees into something more interesting. Something more beautiful. Something stronger. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you show the unending grace of Jesus to those who need it.

Pray this for your family, to welcome the winds of conflict into your lives. Pray, to bow and sway with them.”

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