Eat This Paleo Breakfast Casserole Everyday!

Maybe, like me, you’re a Healthy Eating Frequent Visitor.

It’s like when you visit the same hotel or city or country over and over. When you do, you become really familiar with the place. You love this ice cream shop and that place for shrimp po-boys and that other place for the deliciously strong coffee.

This is how I am with the Land of Eating…

I visit Whole30 Island, Paleo Peninsula, and Keto Country. When I’m in each of these Heathy Eating places, I binge on my favorite foods and recipes from that eating plan.

Through all of this are a couple recipes that I eat every single day of my life (even during those seasons when I’m eating cookie-dough ice cream for dinner and miles away from healthy eating. This season is also called summer).

My favorite daily recipe is an Egg Casserole, which is not only delicious and so filling, it’s also really convenient. After I bake it, I cut it into squares and put each serving into a sandwich baggie. Then I put all those baggies into the freezer. Every night before bed, I take out a frozen square, and throw it on the counter. I wake up earlier than my family and I want to eat something healthy and filling as soon as I get up. The casserole is good enough to eat at room temperature.

I suppose if you’re feeling fancy you could heat it up every morning. Right now I’m in a place where I only have time for lukewarm eggs. Maybe it won’t always be like this? Everyone has dreams.

ANYWAY, here’s the recipe….


6 Eggs

1 jar of salsa (you pick the flavor & size because it really is whatever)

1 package breakfast sausage (or crumbled bacon, or turkey bacon, or just whatever, man)

Onions (to fry with your meat for a little more flavor)

Veggies (I usually add a bag of riced cauliflower or broccoli because it adds some structure but you don’t need it, really)

Make It!

1. Brown/bake your meat and drain the grease.

2. Spread it into a prepared baking dish. (I spray the pan with coconut oil because having to scrub baked egg off a dish makes me want to just eat frozen waffles).

3. Whisk together eggs and salsa.

4. Add the veggies (don’t want to use cauliflower or broccoli? Then throw in bell peppers or artichokes or chopped celery—really anything that you have in the back of the fridge and REALLY meant to eat last week. Veggies are forgiving. And good for you.)

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. I usually let it go a bit longer because I love the crispy edges.)

6. Finally, make this delicious casserole your go-to breakfast for the next couple weeks. Cut it up, wrap it, and freeze it. You’re on-track for a day of good eating.

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