Oh, my sweet Catie.

Today feels the most significant of all your first days of school.

All those other first days—in Pre-K, and elementary, and middle school—seem like they were all leading up to today.

The first day of high school feels like the first day of the rest of your life. Grades “count” now. The new friends you make this week will see you through some thrilling adventures and hard disappointments. Also, there are now all these boys, and they drive, and they are everywhere at your new school. I’m not sure how I feel about this (Daddy is sure how he feels about it.)
There are million bits of advice I want to give you. I could write you a letter every day of this school year. But this is something that we would laugh about together. Because letters are SO not your love language, dear Catie. You would stop reading at Day Three and not even be sorry.

So here is my briefest and best advice….

You, dear girl, are a lot of things to a lot of people (teammate, best friend, favorite babysitter, sweet student, funny girl, protective big sister, sparkling daughter). You love each of these relationships and each of these roles.

You are doing it all; you are doing it so well, Catie.

But I also know that all of this comes at a cost to you. I see you, precious girl, showing up all the time, so brave. I see you constantly making sure that your friends are happy. I see you working to do exactly what your teachers want. I see you handing out compliments and smiles to the world, with your contagious effervescence.

I also see your gorgeous spirit, the one that God loves. I see that you are already enough—just because of who you are to the Lord.

This is the best news. This means you do not have to be everything to everyone. You don’t have to make grouchy people happy or controlling ones feel powerful or the needy ones feel loved.

God loves you no matter what. And so do I.

Rest in that promise, all through high school. Because these next four years are going to be incredible.

You truly make this world a better place, Catie.

I love you,


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