The World Series is high drama here in Houston. With the pressure of Game 7 comes a million different perspectives: Astros vs Dodgers, West Coast vs South, and Kershaw vs Keuchel.

But in our house, here’s the battle raging: Late & Long Games vs Reasonable Bedtime for Kids.

The struggle is real for moms this month. Our kids are in the sweet (rough?) spot of childhood where there’s not a clear answer about staying up for a five-hour baseball game.

If they were all still under seven, we would just let them conk out of the couch and then carry them to bed to peacefully sleep through the rest of the game. If they were all teenagers, we would let them stay up and yawn through their tests the next day.

But our kids are at the ages (13,10,10, and 7)  where they are still too young to stay up until the wee hours of the next morning. And, yet, they hate going to bed and missing out on the game that ALL OF HOUSTON got to watch.

It’s not just our house, either. Staying Up for the World Series has become the great parent debate of October 2017. Parents feel as strongly about this as they do about breast vs bottle, or private school vs public, or conventional vs organic.

Opinions range from…. “Why would you let them stay up? They can watch the highlights in the morning” to “It’s history. It’s ONE day they’ll be tired” to “My kids aren monsters when they don’t get enough sleep” to “We are making memories. They will never forget this!”

Well, yes, to all of those.

When our kids don’t sleep, they can’t tie their shoes in the morning because they are so bone-deep exhausted. These aren’t adults we’re talking about—they can’t have a third (fourth?) cup of coffee to make it through the day. These are kids and when they don’t sleep enough, they have many, many issues with personal space.

And so, what to do tonight, mothers of Houston, Texas?

Last night was the trifecta of RAIN, HALLOWEEN, and ASTROS GAME. The kids of Houston are already dragging. They’re wired from candy, and so tired from not enough sleep. They are begging to see Game 7. But really, they are begging for a quiet night in their beds. We need a firm decision here.

As for our house, we will keep up with our current plan we’ve had the past two weeks: we will start the night with Astros cupcakes, high hopes, and even higher expectations. We will talk smack about the Dodgers. The intensity in Altuve’s eyes will bring tears to ours (only mine, actually.).

Then, as the game wears on, the kids will start to yawn and bicker and drape themselves over the couches. Mike and I will gently remind them about the tests they have tomorrow and how early the alarms go off around here.

They will protest. We will hesitate.

But, in the end, we will let them watch the whole five hour game.

Because, after all, this is history.

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