Third Camp Counselor Care Package Giveaway!


After more than thirty years at camps, here’s what I’ve learned about the staff: they are always hungry. This is thanks to combination of a couple facts: 1. counselors burn two million calories a day. 2. the kitchen is closed unless it’s meal time 3. camp cooks are trying to feed more than a hundred people (think pizza and corn for most meals) 3. no food in the cabins.

Because of this, snacks are traded on a black market. And if there’s food in the staff lounge, everyone is inhaling it like it’s steak and lobster.

When I was a counselor, we were once so desperate for snacks, we made a cake on our day off. We didn’t even take the extra time to make the frosting, we just ate it with forks, straight from the pan.

Don’t let this happen to a counselor you love. Enter my giveaway and send cookies to your favorite counselor.

Details are below….

How To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Click here to enter your favorite camp counselor to win this week’s care package.

2. I’ll select  THREE random WINNERS Friday, June 23. (Entries close at midnight)

3. If your counselor is selected, I’ll send them a care package stuffed with homemade cookies, notes, glow sticks, Bible verses, and SO MANY other goodies!

(If your counselor doesn’t win this giveaway, don’t worry. We’ll do another GIVEAWAY later this week!)



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