Three Reasons We Need a Puppy Right Now

puppynowNo one really needs a puppy. In fact, it’s probably a good life strategy to assume you will be most productive if you never adopt a puppy. Unless you have four kids under the age of twelve and a long summer right around the corner.

First Reason We Need a Puppy Right Now

Our dog is a Greyhound and he just can’t handle the kid pressure any more. Greyhounds are so introverted, they really have the souls of cats. Manny is a pacifier of a dog. A Greyhound looks like you have a huge, jolly doggy member of your family–but it really just sleeps twenty hours a day.

Trust me, our dogs have tried to make Manny high-maintence. They have dressed him up, painted his toenails, bought him stuffys and tennis balls and gigantic chew bones. A Greyhound really only needs a blanket and lots of food, so it’s been overkill.

But in the past few months, the kids have ratcheted up the Doggy Spa. They’ve bought body spray (imagine Axe for dogs) and weird chew toys that have crinkling water bottles inside. They want to take him to the dog park and for runs. In the picture above, Nate is telling Manny about some drama that went done at Kindergarten recess. Can you see by the freaked out look on Manny’s face that he doesn’t want conversation? He wants a nap.

Second Reason We Need a Puppy Right Now

Summer is coming, which means the kids will now be home the hundreds of hours they’ve been at school. There is suddenly so much lag time in our days. This usually means the kids a) snack b) fight c) pull out the entire linen closet to make a fort–until they start fighting and everyone realizes they need a snack.
A puppy is the built-in entertainment we need. Have an extra hour before swim team? Go teach the puppy how to sit. Have two extra hours? Clean up the bits of shoes the puppy chewed up.

Third Reason We Need a Puppy Right Now

This puppy will become the dog that truly belongs to our kids. Even though our kids love Manny enough to brush his teeth twice a day (!) he is still most loyal to me, his steadfast daytime companion. All day, I type and he naps at my feet. This is the kind of relationship he wants out of life.
But the puppy we got right now would belong to our kids. Sleep on their beds. Go on long walks with them. Catch the tennis ball four thousand times. Play keep-away with their socks. Pout when they leave for college. Our kids are so ready for THEIR dog.

So, dogs born in the next couple weeks, prepare yourselves. One of you is about to win the puppy lottery. One of you is about to be smothered with hugs, kisses, toothpaste, nail polish, and weird body spray.

One of you is about to make four kids very happy.


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