excitingDoes it seem like the Spring Break is the year of the Super Vacation?

This year every one we know seems to be doing a really big vacation. Grand Cayman! Disney with all the cousins! Snorkeling with the kids in Honduras! Mexico!

For the past few months our friends have been busy buying bathing suits and getting their passports, and I’ve been sort-of glad we weren’t doing much over Spring Break. We’ve been in a busy tailspin this year, and a week with nothing on the calendar sounded better than a big trip.

For the first half of the break, we soaked up the family time together. The twins played epic games of Star Wars. Sam and Nate spent entire afternoons cage fighting on the trampoline. Catie and I have read together every afternoon, which is such a better time to read than bedtime–which is when I’m so tired I can’t read my own name, let alone Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

But now we’re to the point in the break when everyone is tired of each other. At dinner tonight, each kid scolded their siblings for chewing too loudly. I pointed out we might be a bit irritable, but everyone was yelling about the chewing and not listening to me. Sam asked to sit by himself during dinner, and Elisabeth cried that no one seemed to like her. Catie has been asking so very sweetly if we can please do something a little fun for break? and Nate told me today he misses his PreK teacher. Geesh.

Our staycation hasn’t been all arguing. We rodeoed, ice skated, went to the beach, and had friends over. We really have enjoyed each other. But now we’re at the tipping point in the break, the point at which we all become a little closer, when we all release our individual identities a little more to create a tighter group. This deconstruction moment is ugly.

But it’s neccesary. Even though we’re sick of each other, we’re also meshing deeper into our family. The messy/beautiful part of that process was ugliest at tonight’s dinner. But tomorrow will be better. We will finish the break as a closer family.

This bonding would’ve happened if we would have stayed home or if we would have gone to Hawaii. Maybe Hawaii would have had better scenery, but our family needed a rest this Spring Break.

We needed to play and read and sleep and explore our city together. We needed to bond and love on each other. And we have. This hasn’t been the Spring Break of the Big Trip for us, but it’s been nice family time together.

As long as no one chews too loudly.








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