tweenkurebedkuradetailWe rearranged our kids’ rooms last month with the goal of giving all of them more space. Sam and Elisabeth, our seven-year-old twins, still loved their Kura beds, and so did Nate, our four-year-old. But I wasn’t sure our ten-year-old, Catie, would want to keep hers.

Part of the reason for the room redo was to give Catie a more tween space. Four years ago, we had hacked her Kura bed, but the pastel colors made it look more little girlish than she is now.

She wanted a daybed because it would give her a place to read and hang out. IKEA had some good options, but we could save $300 if we re-hacked her Kura bed to work as a daybed.

You can see the hack for Catie’s original bed here. We considered repeating this process and painting the bed new colors, but she was fine with the pink and green. Our mission was to make the pastel bed work for years to come.

We flipped the Kura bed over, and it was perfect. Instant tween day bed. Parents email me to ask about our original hack, and if their child is too old for a Kura bed. I don’t think any kid is. I kind of want a Kura bed as a daybed for reading and snuggling.

Other details: we bought the canopy at Pottery Barn Kids, which helped make the bed more of a statement in her new room. She liked the colors in this bedding so we painted her walls purple and bought throw pillows in the same pool blue color that’s in the comforter. Then we used the same shower curtain rod from our original hack and hung pool-blue curtains up to make the bed a cozier. The monogrammed pillows are recycled from our couch. A friend painted and monogrammed them and they are perfect statement for her “new” bed. This is Catie’s favorite spot for reading and doing homework. Succees!

Our kids have loved their Kura beds for years, but after this hack, I can safely say they’ll love them for years to come.

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