summerAlright, Summer, give us what you’ve got.

Bring on your 102-degree days and your 90-degree nights. Take our breath away with your humidity. Make us sweat. Sunburn us. Heat up the swimming pool until its scalding, and the sand until it burns our feet, and the patio chairs until they scorch the back of our thighs, and the inside of our minivan until we all beg for air-conditioning.

Make us forget sweatshirts and jackets and hoods. Erase the memories of our muddy backyard and all these ugly trees with no leaves. These dark mornings of Snuggies and cold showers—no more!

We promise not to complain about bedtime when the sun is still out. We will not be annoyed by mosquitoes or wasps. We vow we will not pick fights with each other out of boredom or roll our eyes about another day in the swimming pool. We are a family who has survived months without the pool, and we admit our weakness. We need sunny afternoons, water fights, and Marco Polo.

Give us your best shot, summer road trips. If we’re tempted to say we miss home, we will remember these long nights of spelling reviews and school uniforms. We will roam the country in our minivan—never, ever forgetting the frigid months of hectic afternoons.

We are a pale people who needs the sun. We are ready to forget we ever heard of umbrellas, prepared to strip down to bathing suits at the mention of sunshine, and primed for a day with nothing to do.

Bring it on, Summer.

The Hergenrader Family

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