Writing is Noticing & Noticing is Life-40 Days of Posts

writingnoticingNotice anything?

I mean besides cutie-pie Lanie Ward reading Elisabeth a book.

Maybe you also notice Nate photo-bombing in the background. And the snazzy-dressed City Centre crowd strolling past to their fancy lunch.

Maybe if you looked longer and harder, you’d also see the Ward and Hergenrader girls are really sitting on AstroTurf, not actual grass. You might also see the adorable way Nate swings his arms when he runs. And how Lanie and Elisabeth touch when they read because they have known each other since birth and touching feels comfortable.

I’m starting to notice more too. Today’s post is my fifth in my 40 Days of Posts. The verdict so far? Writing is noticing. When I have to write a blog post, I notice more around me. Yes, I notice more because I’m looking for a picture, and a story, but it’s more than that. I notice more because the writing part of my brain, also the noticing part, is switched back on.

The noticing part of your brain is important. This is why we write in journals, or blogs, or books. We don’t just retell the stories to remember, we retell because this process shows us what matters. Forever friendships matter. A little boy who was once this sly and cute matters. Girls who like reading so much they insist on it in the middle of a soccer game matters.

Noticing matters. Noticing is life. We never know when life will change very suddenly. We never realize in the moment, we were living something very special right then. But later, when we need to remember that bit of time, we will be so glad what we noticed.



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  1. April

    I loved this article and related well to it. It is amazing how each week before writing Monday’s devotional I notice so much more. In noticing I am reminded of just how much God is doing all around us and through us all the time. I am looking forward to all your Lent blogs!

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