When the Barometric Pressure Drops: 40 Days of Posts



We have reached the point in Houston winter when we are DONE with the cold weather. We are summer people. We are so much more comfortable with 99% humidity and triple-degree temperatures than these frigid days in the low 40s. We will bravely fight mosquitos over Christmas break and sunburns over President’s Day weekend. Just don’t make us wear long pants for four months in a row. My girls’ legs get itchy in leggings and Sam has worn holes through his two pairs of long pants.

But winter has yet to give up its hold on our city. The forecast for tomorrow includes temps in the low 30s + precipitation. (!) This means school might be cancelled to protect us from ourselves and our poor winter-weather driving skills. This means the barometric pressure is dropping. This means the kids have all lost their minds and are mocking the cold weather by wearing everything they can find.

This means winter is still here.



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