As near as I can tell, women fit into two categories when it comes to our homes. The first group is those of us who have little kids and are still dedicating most of our time to physically nurturing them. Yes, we know the pictures on our walls are horribly outdated, we realize the fake plants need washing, and we are painfully aware about the ugly window coverings, but we have no energy to deal with any of that.

Women in this stage of life understand that now is the time to help dress kids, not dress windows. Who has time to give the fake plants a shower when your littlest one needs one way worse? And why spend energy changing picture frames when your baby is changing before your eyes?

Then there is you second group of women. We see you, with all your kids old enough to tie their own shoes and comb their own hair. We hear your chatter about throw pillows, and reupholstered chairs, and galleries of family pictures on the walls.

One day we will join your conversation about statement pieces and perfect entryway rugs. But not yet. Right now our only conversation pieces are the potty and our entryway holds a tricycle because our kid likes to ride it in the house.

For women in either group, I have to introduce you to my friend Hetal Ivey. Hetal owns IveyInspired, her custom art shop. She makes quality signs and art pieces to hang in your home.

Here are the pieces she made for our family. With these signs, she helped pull us out of the decorating rut we’ve been in since we had kids. But, to be clear, her artwork is also beautiful enough for  those of you who have the energy to think about throw pillows.

This one was for the beach house…she also does this same style for regular houses.



Hetal also made a gorgeous sign like this  for The Hergenrader Family Cabin. Love this one she made for Best of Times. Especially that line about “Hang  Your Towel.”


These next two signs were Christmas gifts for Mike. The Eat Local one hangs next to our kitchen table as a joke. Mike believes in efficiency in all things, especially food. So, even though I like cooking a huge organic feast for our family, he will always vote for Taco Bell. Eat Local means “Let’s eat in our own kitchen more!”







Mike’s words to live by are Trust God & Have No Regrets. That would have been a wonderful faith-building message for our family, but I loved this bright, clever sign that IveyInspired created for us.



No matter if you’re ready to dedicate major time to dressing your walls or you’re still dressing your kids, contact IveyInspired at their Facebook page. Hetal is so good at making signs look both distressed and spunky. Not only is she way talented,  she is the absolute nicest person in the history of forever.

She won’t even laugh when you tell you you need something to go with the tricycle currently parked in your entryway.

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