Today’s FAQ is with Nate. We’re here to discuss Nate’s phenomenal gaming skills…specifically his skill at finding anyone with an iPad in a one-mile radius.

FAQ #1: Who is the friend you’re playing with here, Nate? Someone from your school? A classmate of Sam’s?
Nate: That girl? I had never seen her before in my life. She was at one of my sister’s volleyball games. I saw she had an iPad, so I sat with her. Staring at someone always makes them offer you a turn at Temple Run.

FAQ #2: You sat with a girl you didn’t even know, just to play Temple Run?
Nate: I always do that. At grocery stores, restaurants, parks, wherever. My parents aren’t big fans of me playing Temple Run, so I have to do what I have to do.

FAQ #3: Really? You approach total strangers? Just to try and play their iPads? Isn’t that kind of awkward for everyone involved?
Nate: You know what’s awkward? Mastering Temple Run but not having a place to play it! Owning tremendous Subway Surfer skills, but not owning your own phone. That’s awkward. How will I keep my title as World’s Best three-year-old gamer if my parents have declared a moratorium on electronics?

FAQ #4: Maybe you could discuss this with your folks? Surely they’re okay with a little electronic time…especially if it helps keep you away from strangers?
Nate: Look, man, my parents are tough. They don’t care about shame or awkwardness or strangers stealing me. They just care about repressing my Temple Run skills. Which, by the way, what are you typing this on? You don’t, by chance, have Temple Run on that computer, do you?


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