Four kids in the same school seemed easier than one kid at home, one kid in public school, and two kids in private school. Less juggling, less crazy driving around in circles. I was so sure four kids in the same school would make our lives less of a circus.
It looks like I guessed wrong.
One week into school and the juggling, cramming kids in a car, and driving around in circles has begun.
Who are these clowns and what is going on?
Catie has joined Westlake’s first Volleyball team. The good news is that she has quickly bonded with all the girls in her new school. The bad news is that practice is everyday until 5 PM. Every day. This means I drive to Westlake, picking up or dropping off kids, about three times every day. Talk about loading up the car and driving in circles like a bunch of clowns.
In my equally clownish way, I decided this would be a wonderful year to start a Newspaper at Westlake. And lead a Moms in Prayer Group. And lead chapel. And pack all the kids lunches, rather than buying hot lunch.
We’ll see how long this crazy juggling act lasts.
Some other highlights from the greatest show on earth….
See the Mother Eat Rocks!
Last week I baked a bunch of Paleo baked goods so I could grab something quick and healthy when life got crazy. These Paleo Breakfast Cookies are so delicious. But when I baked them, I didn’t realize the dates I used had pits in them. So, I ended up with wonderful, healthy cookies…with the equivalent of rocks in them.
Someone not living in a three-ring circus probably would have realized how dangerous eating this is and thrown out the cookies. But I’ve been so busy, and the healthy cookies are so handy, I just chew lightly and spit out the pits.
See the Electrocuted Girl!
Catie is nine-years-old today. As she gets closer to puberty, she’s discovered the fun of styling her hair. And just so you know, I use the term “styling” loosely. Every night she tight-braids her wet hair. In the morning, she takes out the braids to admire her “curls.”While I think this strategy might produce beautiful, beachy waves for those with thick, shiny hair, it has not produced those for our pretty Catie.
If, say, you have very fine blonde hair that’s been fried by an entire summer in the pool, the “curls” look more like you’ve been playing around with electricity. Catie is still young enough that she’s more interested in how she can make her hair look different than whether or not bozo hair is beautiful. Hopefully, she’ll lose interest in wet braiding soon.
Save the Elephants!
The twins are adjusting to their separate classrooms just fine. Without having the other twin there, Sam and Elisabeth both have a little extra love to share. With no outlet for the extra love, they have landed on elephants. Sam talks incessantly about wandering the neighborhood after dark to find elephant hunters. Elisabeth JUST WANTS TO GO TO AFRICA TO SAVE THE ELEPHANTS. These conversations make for an interesting backdrop to all those hours we spend driving in circles in the car.
See the Incredible Disappearing Parents!
Nate likes school okay. As soon as he’s there, that is. What he hates is the drop-off. He just can’t deal with the change. If he could articulate it, I think he would describe the start of his day as, “First I’m with mommy or daddy, and then, BAM, they are gone. Nowhere to be found! I spend all day looking for them. Where do they go?”
Because we know he’ll be fine once we leave, we sneak out of the room. He must be totally confused. I’m hoping this disappearing act won’t damage his delicate three-year-old psyche.
But, if it does one day, I’ll just tell him, “What can I say, Nate? You did grow up in the middle of a circus.”


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