Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone who is, truly, not good at goodbyes?
You hug your friend, tell them you’ll see them soon. You are just about to walk away, when she says, “Oh! One more thing! I forgot to tell you our big news!”
So, you go back for the big news. And twenty more minutes of conversation. And another hug.
Then you both say, “REALLY. We need to go. We will see you soon!”
And she says, “That reminds me! Want to get together on Thursday?”
You stop to compare calendars to see if Thursday will work. For twenty more minutes.
And, guess what, when you see her on Thursday, you say goodbye for an hour, you spend most of the time saying goodbye, because she’s so bad at goodbyes. And, suddenly, you are too.
Y’all. The Summer of 2013 is SO BAD AT GOODBYES.
Leave, already, Summer of 2013. Get on with your bad self. Go. Cut the ties. MOVE ON.
This upcoming school year is a BIG one, so it seems like we’ve been saying, “Goodbye, so long, farewell” to Summer 2013 for weeks now. Is it the summer? Is it us? Why can’t we move on?
We have done all the Last Minute, “I only wanted to do this all summer….” activities. We have shopped the school supply aisle at Target within a pink eraser of its life. We’ve got the uniforms, the new shoes, the haircuts, and the pep talks. We are so, so ready for school.
Summer 2013, you have been wonderful, so it is hard to say goodbye. My head knows you have run your course. But, I’m sorry. We all need to get on with our lives: the kids need to learn something more than how to slowly kill frogs by holding them captive in glass jars. I need a more ambitious to-do list than swim, nap on the playroom floor, clean the kitchen, and nag the kids to help.
So, this is really it, Summer 2013. You have to go now. No, I’ve already heard your big news. Time is running out. You must leave.
Wait? What’s that? Next weekend? Labor Day? Yes, Summer 2013, our family is free that weekend for swimming and not showering and wearing flip-flops. We would love to meet up to see you again.
But, for now, this is really GOOD-BYE.
We’ll see you next weekend.
For another long goodbye.

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