Letter to Sam on Your First Day of Kindergarten (Part II)

Dear Sam,
You hesitated to hold that sign in this picture. Is that because you were confused about today being your first real day of Kindergarten?
I know, it’s a little weird since that was last year. Today is actually your first day of Kindergarten Part II.
Or, did you hesitate because you thought it was kind of silly to hold a sign in a picture?
You questioned the sign like you question everything. You want to understand every detail about every single thing. When other kids accept life at face value, you challenge every belief, every idea, every routine.
Sam, you are tireless with your questions. But you are also tireless in so many other remarkable ways. Your enthusiasm is contagious, buddy. Whether it’s for playing the trumpet, playing a new game of your DS, or playing Baby with your twin, you are a force of positive momentum.
I love that about you, Sam. Love it.
Because I am like that too, I know the downside of positive momentum. You wear yourself out, and when you are done with something, you are done. Sometimes at night, you cry because you are just done with the day. Lots of times you’re done with your little brother. I get that.
Sam, this is a big year for you. For the first time since, ever, Elisabeth won’t be right at your elbow. When you need her to encourage you or laugh with you, she’ll be across the hall in the other Kindergarten class.
This is so exciting because, I think, more kids will get the chance to see how fun and creative you are. But your first solo year will mean lots of challenges. You have such high expectations of yourself and everyone else, so sometimes you’ll feel let down. I’m afraid this will be harder for you without Elisabeth there to help you cope.
It’s okay if you don’t meet your own high expectations, Sam.
Got that, buddy? It is okay. Don’t worry about who you’re letting down or who is letting you down. Just tackle the challenges with your fiery enthusiasm. Have fun. Be kind.
And keep questioning, Sam.
You are so fun to watch grow up. I can’t wait to see what you become. It will be amazing.
I love you.


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