Dear Elisabeth…
I breathed a sigh of relief when you wore this red polo for your first day of Kindergarten (Part II). For your past three first-days-of-school, you’ve chosen the white shirt option for your uniform.
And, here’s the thing about the uniform you wear on the first day of school, Elisabeth. It is the uniform you will wear for every one of the other 179 days. You are so loyal, so steadfast, whether it’s your clothes or your faith, you do not waver.
Last year we tried to explain to you that white shirts were not a great option for the messiness of Kindergarten. But that was the uniform you wore on Day One, so that would also be the uniform you wore every single day of the year.
Elisabeth, I love your determination to keep things the same. And so many things about this year will be just like last year. Your favorite, Mrs. Miesner, will still be your teacher. Same classroom, same fish, same schedule, most of the same work. It’s shaping up to be the perfect year for you: same, same, and same.
But, sweetheart, there will be some differences, and these will be hard for you. Sam will not be in the next seat, he will be next door. Your dear friends have moved up to First Grade. Your older (sometimes overbearing) sister will be at your school. Your younger (sometimes spotlight-stealing) brother will also be there.
But, Elisabeth, you will conquer these challenges like you always do. You may not like change, but you are so smart and brave and so sure Jesus is next to you. You faith will shine through all these changes.
People see that about you, honey. This Sunday, after Sunday School, another mom told me how your faith proclamation gave her goose-bumps. You told the whole class, “I will let my light shine for Jesus!” That sweet, sincere promise inspired this other mom’s faith.
Elisabeth, you will let your light shine for Jesus.
And He will be right next to you all through Kindergarten Part II, even the new parts.
I love you.

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