Manny, our trusted Greyhound, is answering the Fraudulently Asked Questions today. We’re talking  about the past eight months and how life with the Hergenraders is different than, say, life at a Greyhound racetrack.

FAQ #1: Manny, less than a year ago, you were living with hundreds of other Greyhounds. How is living with the Hergenrader Family different?
Manny: It is so much nosier around here. Greyhounds are quiet animals; kids are not quiet animals. Especially not these kids. Even when no one is crying, the others are loud with their screaming and running. Sometimes they all howl for no reason at all. Living at the track was never this confusing.

FAQ #2: Surely it will get quieter when the kids all go back to school next week?
Manny: The kids are going back to school? Really? Well, this is news! No one to attack me while I’m napping? No one to paint my nails and try to braid my ears? No one to chase me around the back yard? What will I do all day?

FAQ #3: It sounds like you’ll miss the kids. Maybe life with the Hergenraders IS better than life at the track?
Manny: It’s a tie. The track had lots of ticks. I hated those. But the Hergenraders have vacuums. And I REALLY hate those.

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