Today’s Fraudulently Asked Questions is with Sam and Elisabeth. Because it’s twice as hot as it should be, we have both of them here discussing the weather.

FAQ #1: Sam and Elisabeth, the two of you look like you’re sweltering in this picture. Is it hot in Houston?
Sam: Yes. August in Houston is very hot. Is this surprising to you? Is it surprising to anyone?
Elisabeth: I was melting in this picture. Really. I felt like my skin was melting off my body.

FAQ #2: How are you beating the heat?
Sam: Staying inside.  If you step outside, you feel like you’re walking through a dryer. The humidity wins. Every time.
Elisabeth: Usually we drink water. My mom took this picture at the Triathlon, where she forgot water for us. That was not good.

FAQ #3: Maybe you could jump in the pool to cool off?
Sam: We do jump in the pool. Every day. I think it has to be cooler than 140 degrees outside for the pool to help.
Elisabeth: Turning the AC down to 60 and drinking icy smoothies is the only thing that’s helping me right now. When is Christmas again?

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