Today’s Fraudulently Asked Questions is with M. We’re talking about the Hergenrader’s summer hobby of launching fireballs flying lanterns into the sky. Almost August and no house fires! Fingers crossed we make it through the whole summer with no trips to the ER. At least no trips for burns.

FAQ #1: Oh, wow. Is that a fire you’re throwing into the sky? This looks like a bad idea. Surely, there were no children around for this, right?
M: Actually, the kids helped! Yeah, it’s been great. We’ve been launching these flying lanterns every chance we get. Sometimes it’s windy, and the kids’ clothes get kind of close to the flame, but I’m sure it will be fine. Cotton isn’t flammable, is it?

FAQ #2: You’re kidding, right?
M: Umm. Sort of. These lanterns are kind of crazy. Kids love to watch them launch into the air. But it’s a little touch-and-go when I’m trying to light this huge flint, and four kids are dancing around, their hair flying in the wind. Right next to the flame. The really exciting part is when we throw the lantern to fly right above our house. And the neighbors. Once the whole neighborhood came over to see why in the world we were launching these fireballs over their houses.

FAQ #3: Maybe there’s a safer summer activity? A kite? Or sparklers? Or even fireworks? Surely SOMETHING is safer than a huge fireball with four kids dancing around.
M: But the kids really love these flying lanterns. They seem safe. I mean, they sell them on the Internet. That pretty much guarantees their fool-proof, right?


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