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So, here’s my funniest story from last week.
On Tuesday I was driving all these kids home from VBS. Even though I was blasting the AC, it couldn’t keep up with all those sweaty bodies in my backseat. Everyone was cranky, tired, and hot.
Nate was also whining about his tummy. He kept saying, “I don’t feel good, Mommy. I really don’t.”
Listen. This is not my first rodeo–or stomach bug. I recognized that whine as the alarm kids sound seconds before they lose their lunch. So, I alternatively tried to speed home and drive safely.
But then I heard the coughing/wrenching sound of a child throwing up. Multiple times.
The Hergenrader kids were appalled. “It’s everywhere!” they screamed. “IT SMELLS SO GROSS!” they shrieked.
We were still ten minutes from home. Nate was covered in grossness. There was not a shoulder for me to pull over onto. Panic was setting in.
Nina and Patience, however, went straight into recovery mode. Patience grabbed the diaper bag and pulled out the wipes. Nina grabbed handfuls and handed them to Catie, who was sitting next to Nate.
Without missing a beat, Catie said, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Then, instead of wiping off her brother, she held the wipes to her nose. “THAT SMELLS SO MUCH BETTER!”
Nina and Patience couldn’t help themselves, they started laughing. Especially when Catie passed wipes out to everyone else, instructing them, “Hold them to your nose! It’s so much better than smelling the gross puke!”
Finally, Nina and Patience suggested Catie use the wipes to clean off her brother.
“Oh, yeah!” she said. “We could do that too!”

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