Dear Elisabeth…
The other day, when you went to Target with me, we talked about a lot of things. We talked about how much you love Rapunzel, about whether or not your friends would have fun at your slumber party, and about your “biggest dreams in the world.”
You changed the subject, but there was more I wanted to tell you about the gifts God gives each of us.
To some, He gives sharp wit. To others, a broad and bright imagination. Others get beautiful blue eyes, or fast metabolism. Or perfect pitch.
Elisabeth, God has given you the beautiful gift of faith.
God is as real to you as your hands are. You see the men and women in the Bible as vividly as you see your brother and sisters. You believe “Jesus Loves Me” with a confidence most people have for knowing the sun will rise every morning.
Baby Girl, please, know what a gift this faith will be to you. So many people, more than you would ever guess, don’t believe Jesus loves them.
I tried to tell you this about the world the other day, and you said, “I know the bad guys don’t know Jesus.” You will find out it’s more than just the bad guys. Most adults, even those at church, don’t know Jesus like you do. Singing songs about Jesus doesn’t make them so happy, like it does you. Unlike you, they don’t want to learn about every single person in the Bible. They don’t know pray, and they don’t even realize the peace they’re missing.
So, Elisabeth, your faith is a very, very precious gift. One the world doesn’t understand, one the world would probably like to take away.
I see that all the time. At your birthday, when we launched this lantern, and you told your friends, “I hope this light goes ALL THE WAY UP TO HEAVEN TO BE WITH JESUS!” and they looked at you like, “Huh?”
Or, when we are all in the check-out line, and you burst into a new song about Jesus. Your brothers and sister sort-of get this isn’t what other kids do. So, they tell you to be quiet.
Sometimes when we go out to dinner with a family that doesn’t go to church, Daddy and I “forget” to pray. Without missing a beat, you remind us all “We need to thank God for the food!”
I’m so glad God has given you the gift of crystal-clear faith, Elisabeth.
Daddy and I will do our best to keep up with you.

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