National Lutheran Schools Week

We’re celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week around here, which means these normally uniformed kids get to dress up like lunatics all week. Clearly this class picture was taken on a normal Westlake uniform day.
On a class-picture side note (and looking like lunatics)…yesterday were class pictures at Catie’s school. Yes, this is her third year at her public school, but we’re not as in tune with the happenings at public school as we are with Westlake’s happenings.
So, sometimes we miss the memo on things. We (barely) turned in her picture money on time, and when she woke up yesterday morning, I reminded her it was Class Picture Day.
“What should I wear?” she asked.
“Your class shirt, I guess,” I answered.
Finding the class shirt was another challenge; although we finally located it in her sister’s legging drawer. That’s where it had rested since someone washed and dried it with a sticker on it many weeks ago. Any mom or housekeeper knows what this means…melted-on sticker residue that’s impossible to remove. M got to work with rubbing alcohol to remove the residue from the wrinkled shirt.
Even with a bit of residue still smack-dab in the center, I felt proud we had remembered Class Picture Day and outfitted our child accordingly.
Until I got this text message…

So, yeah. We missed the memo again. I’m sure some super-involved mom at the public school was like, “Poor Catie Hergenrader with only a wrinkled, stained t-shirt for fancy picture day. Maybe I’ll take her to Goodwill after school for some decent clothes.”
All this to tell you that I sobbed this morning during chapel for National Lutheran Schools Week. The 4th graders at Westlake did a “We’re All Lutheran Schools Together” about all the awesome Lutheran schools around the world. Really good schools, just like Westlake, that teach the Word of God everyday. They didn’t show the Lutheran schools I attended or taught at or the ones my parents attended or taught at, but the smiling faces and caring teachers looked like Lutherans who could be related to us.
I love Lutheran schools. M loves Lutheran schools. Seriously, the nurturing, excellent teachers are totally our people. 
BUT public school might be the best place for our kids next year. No one in our family quite knows where God is leading us on this–so we TALK ABOUT IT CONSTANTLY with the hope of it helping us make a choice. (Except for Nate who will, for sure, be a Wildcat next year. Oh, Nate. I’m already excited for you.)
Here is the one thing I know for sure: Westlake is one of the hugest blessings in our family’s life. I’m tearing up just thinking of the twins not being there for a year.
And, I’m tearing up just thinking of all our kids at public school.
In stained and wrinkled shirts on “Look your best!” picture day.
Lord, help us.

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  1. Wait! Give me more info! Why the switch from private to public? We are really struggling with whether we will go private or public once Jack gets old enough. Give me your wisdom!!

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