One of Nate’s cutest idiosyncrasies is his habit of renaming his favorite things. Goggy for Daddy, Sissy for Elisabeth, Bubba for Sam, Kay Kay for Catie (and Aunt Katie), Mimi for his blankie, and boppy for his pacifier.
These little language habits have all been his own idea.
That’s makes his newest language tic, using the word actually, so cute. It’s his little personality developing. He starts his sentences with actually.
Me: How about some milk?
Nate: Actually, how about a Capri Sun?
Me: It’s time for a nap.
Nate: Actually, play chop-choo trains.
Me: It’s time to pick up the kids from school.
Nate: Actually, play Legos.
So, it sounds a bit like I’m raising a little arguer, but there’s just something so cute about his jovial little voice expressing his own opinion. So fun to watch his personality develop.
Actually, I love it.

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