A Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Birthday Cake!

So, if you’re still reading after that title then you’re either related to me or interested in nutrition. Or you’re just a kind friend. Because the phrase gluten-free, sugar-free doesn’t usually ignite tastebuds. Or passion. Or interest really.
But when it came to my birthday I planned to make my cake and eat it too. And since I feel SO much better without gluten and sugar, I had two choices. Scour the Internet for recipes and wander around the grocery store (which you might remember from this post) looking for ingredients like Extra-Fine Sea Salt and Organic Cocoa Powder. 
Or, as I soon discovered, buy a mix that already contained impossible-to-find and expensive-to-buy ingredients like Quinoa Flour. I found a good one from Pure Pantry and Elisabeth and I spent Saturday morning doubling the recipe to make cupcakes and a bundt cake to satisfy the next few weeks of chocolate cravings. For the glaze, we melted a 70% cacao chocolate bar and added a bit of milk. Then we crumbled another dark, dark chocolate bar over the top. Then we froze the whole thing because I was afraid the kids would hate it and everyone knows that food tastes better cold. It’s how I explain Nate’s obsession with frozen peas but disdain for the cooked ones.
The verdict?
A hit! The kids loved it. I loved it. M ate it. The whole family asked for second helpings.
And to quote cereal commercials from the 1970s, “I felt good feeding my family something nutritious.”
Or as nutritious as chocolate cake can be.

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