Snapshot of Twins on a Spring Day

If you know Elisabeth, you’re surely not surprised to see her on her Dad’s lap, sneaking in some swinging time.

Elisabeth, shyer and more reserved than her siblings, always seeks out the one-on-one time with “my grownups.” M is like this, too. Although he doesn’t say, “my grownups.”
Elisabeth, prefers to swing alone, or with “my grownups.” This is partially because she has yet to master pumping. Like bike-riding and swimming, Sam mastered swing-pumping months ago. Sam and Catie love to swing and bike ride and swim with company. Elisabeth prefers to work through it on her own. Kind of like M and running (a hobby I’ve never mastered. Or understood.)
Elisabeth is calm and even-tempered. Until she’s HAD IT. And then, like M, she’s done. But, to M’s credit, he has never thrown a hair brush on the floor. Or kicked Catie. Or screamed at the top of his lungs for more than an hour.
And he doesn’t have hang-ups about what color his bloomers are.
Let’s hope Elisabeth grows out of that one.
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