On days like today, my creative spirit seems like a curse.
So much creative energy, so many dishes and loads of laundry.
Instead of the dishes, and instead of the laundry, I’ll share some of those things that inspire me. And this little project will use up some of the creative energy. The creative energy that somehow stifles my laundry-energy.
Inspirational is…
A prayer, asking for the Holy Spirit to energize me. For chores. For books. For loving my family.
This friend’s website of photos.
This store. And all its stuff.
Snapshots of perfect moments. Like this one…

Sunshine…especially the sunshine and trees in our backyard. Inspirational. Every time.
The beach…inspires me every single time I look at it. For me, it’s God Himself, right in front of me.
My husband. Who rarely lacks the energy to do anything. Seriously. Without his can-do spirit, I’d often live in la-la land. He makes things happen.

Off to do the laundry…
P.S. What inspires you?

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  1. tina, it is so encouraging and flattering to me that you find my photos inspiring. really. and it makes me happy to know that you follow it. i would *love* it if you started a 365 project!!! 😀 please let me know if you ever do.

    to answer your question– what inspires me…

    1) good, thoughtful design.
    2) children.
    3) mark.
    4) outside (esp. trees, flowers and, also, the beach!).
    5) unusual and creative individuals.

    thank you for sharing and asking. i also, often, find myself with a desire to create something or start a project that i seldomly find or make the time to indulge…and when it’s ’cause of cleaning and laundry– baaaahhhh. here’s to hoping chores pass by quickly leaving lots of time to create and play. 🙂

    miss you and your sweet family. <3

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