Note: Sorry about the Hipstamatic pictures lately.

It’s a fact: my life looks, well, more *hip* like this.
And somehow…Hipstamatic pictures make my pictures feel more like the actual memories. I remember these moments blurry and off-center.
But that’s another post.
Today we’re talking about Screen Time.
Anyone who knows me in real life (everyone reading this blog) is aware I kind of have a thing about TV. I don’t watch it. Really. It’s probably my own issue, but I don’t really enjoy it. And when I spend time with my kids, I like to spend time with them. TV is usually never on our agenda.
But modern moms know that TV is the least of the screen temptations.
Kids, meet mom’s phone (and apps), dad’s phone (and apps), kid-fun websites, and everyone’s favorite: the iPad (and apps).
Oh my.
And as much as I don’t enjoy TV, I DO enjoy apps. (see Hipstamatic pictures).
And I’m surely a terrible example of too much screen time.
But what’s a mom to do? When a cell phone will entertain a kid at a restaurant better than any paper menu…and You Tube videos are short and fun and so easy for Ellie to navigate.
Even Hipstamatic, my new favorite app.
And, sadly, also our kids’.
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