I’ve written about hand-me-downs before.

And I’ve written about strollers before.
Today’s post is about both.
We may have FINALLY found our stroller utopia. And because our family has a passionate love affair with hand-me-downs, our favorite stroller is borrowed, not bought.
(Why are all our favorite things hand-me-downs? Is it my inability to buy the right products? Is it my love for free things? Why? But that’s another post.)
The stroller pictured above is a sit-and-stand. What you can’t see is that Nate is happily riding shot-gun on the other side. I guess you also can’t see that we’re at Katy Mills Mall (specifically the bathroom, where we spend much mall time).
You can see Sam and Ellie cozied into the “stand” compartment. Of course, they’re sitting. But this is just one of the positions they love.
In our favorite stroller, they do it all:
They sit side-by side! They stand facing each other! They hang off the ends like trash men (Sam) and like princesses on a coach (Ellie)! They use the seat as a table for the fruit puffs they steal from Nate!
In other words, in this stroller, we do it all.
Our other stroller is a nice umbrella one. It’s small and easy and a place for Nate to sit during gymnastics or ballet or soccer games. It’s so quick and so easy, it stays assembled in the back of my minivan–largely because I’m not mechanical enough to collapse it.
It’s the perfect stroller when Nate needs an extra seat–which is a lot of the time.
And our hand-me-down stroller is perfect for the rest of time.
Like the mall bathroom.

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