So, with the cold weather around here, we’ve had more time inside and a less time bike riding (Sam), school (Catie had a snow day), and pushing dolls in her carriage (Ellie).

All that time inside lulled me into the false belief that this was a wonderful time to tackle some home decorating projects.
Project #1: Ellie’s side of their shared room is decorated, Sam’s is not. I bought him these glow-in-the-dark start and let him slap them on his walls.
Project #2: For all the framed pictures in our house, there aren’t many of Nate. And, seriously, this baby laughs and smiles all the time. Not taking his picture and framing is practically a motherhood crime. I planned to remedy that this weekend.
Project #3: My closet. After four kids, I have clothes in almost every size. Lots of sizes I hope to not be again (namely MATERNITY). Purging my closet has taken months, but I’m close. This weekend I pulled out bins and stuff to go into the bins.
Project #4: At the top of our stairs there’s a wooden landing area. At the bottom of our stairs, the approximately 12 inches by the exit that all six of us (and the dog) want to use several times a day. In this hectic area of the house, there’s a butler’s pantry full of old vases and serving dishes. My vi switcheroo sion was to clear the rarely used serving stuff out of the built-in cabinet. Instead I wanted to store the 34,000 things I need as I’m walking out the door there (blankies, binkies, bibs, socks, etc). This involved finding a piece of furniture that would look good at the landing and that could hold things like old vases. And we did! We found the perfect piece! And we carried this funky/cute dresser upstairs! And we brought all the old vases up there too!
But now, we have the Monday morning hangover. Because, for all our hard work, we didn’t completely finish any of these projects. So there are stick-on stars and unframed pictures of Nate, and clothes that don’t fit, and old vases EVERYWHERE.
Not to mention all the stuff the kids pulled out while M and I were busy with these other projects.
And that’s what I call a Decorating Hangover.
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