Yes, we have a set of twins in our family. Several sets, actually.

Sam and Ellie were born on the same day. Fraternal twins.
Sam and Catie are Personality Twins…both are excellent at relating to other people. Funny. Good story tellers. Emotional. Sensitive. Tend to be obsessive. A bit needy–especially when they’re tired. Hmm. This is starting to sound a bit like their mother.
Next set of twins. Catie and Nate Oh. My. Goodness. Catie as a baby = Nate. It’s crazy. I should be spending every spare second labeling pictures because in twenty years I’m not going to remember which baby picture was which kid.
And, just between me and the Internet, it would be nice if Nate turned out to be Ellie’s personality twin. Because if there’s one thing we don’t need around here, it’s another relational storyteller being needy, sensitive, and obsessing.
We can only hope.
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