April 15, 2010

Killing Time

One afternoon last month Catie and I were talking about time. She has this teaching clock from the dollar bins at Target (half of our house is from the dollar bins at Target), and I was saying things like, “At seven, we eat breakfast. At eight we leave for school.” And she would move the...
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House Rules

You may see a lot of things when you look at this picture. The constant mess of our playroom, for instance. The genius architecture of the twins’ Lego tower. The fact that Sam is wearing Princess dress-up shoes–and not even in a “Hey! Look at me, Mom! I’m wearing Princess dress-up shoes! This is crazy!”...
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Third Times The Charm

Here we are…twenty-four weeks pregnant, and we’ve finally taken the first belly shot. What happened? With my first two pregnancies we took several pictures. We had to with Catie–the whole pregnancy process was so mind-boggling. The was a tiny person growing right next to my liver and kidneys and stomach and bladder (probably not exactly...
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