I love to real other peoples’ blogs. I’ve never tried one for myself because of simple fear. Every diary, journal or log(boxloads of them ) I’ve attempted has started with good intentions around Jan. 1–and finished around March with something like six measly entries. How embarrassing for the entire blogosphere (or the five family or friends actually reading this) to see how pitiful I am at committing.

So, to quote the January entry of my seven -year old journal, “This time will be different! Every day! I promise!”

A quick scan of the blogs from other novices shows that an every day commitment is a stretch. Actually most other busy moms seem to average something like once a quarter. Most of their entries read like my diaries always have–sporadic updates that begin with apologies and excuses. Not that I’m pointing fingers. The blog-starting fear is wrapped up in how I’ll ever have time to do this. I mean, we’re potty-training twins. That’s enough activity for a day. How will I have time to record the memories of poop and pee for posterity?

I guess pictures are the best bet.

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