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Last Summer at Eden

Experience the Christy-award nominated novel for yourself. From the moment nineteen-year-old Poppi Savot steps out of her car and into Camp Eden, she feels at home. This is her dream: a new job as Summer Director in the beautiful southern California hills. Life will be one long songfest around a campfire with s’mores and stories and kids learning about Jesus.

Not so fast.

Eden isn’t paradise.

First, there’s this guy—Jake—who complicates everything. Then, there’s her boss—Bryan—who wastes no time telling her the bad news: There aren’t enough campers. There isn’t enough money. This is Eden’s last summer. She will be unemployed and homeless.

But Poppi has hope. Ridiculous, outrageous, faith-driven hope. Still . . . is that enough?

I love to share stories and scripture with students and moms. Invite me to join your youth group, girl’s club, or church group for your next event or find out where I’ll be speaking next.
Connection & Consequences–that’s what your teen needs from you in 2020. I’ve learned this first-hand these past few months as I’ve stepped back into the high school classroom. I’m teaching one class of seniors at a wonderful Christian...
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Dear Mamas of Teen Daughters…. Your daughter is hearing too many harmful messages. The world tells her she should be everything to everyone. She believes the lies of social media and thinks that her value is tied up...
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Christina Hergenrader
Christina Hergenrader7 hours ago
Hi friends. Can you help me out?
I teach high school seniors. My students are missing their friends and all the “lasts” that come with the end of high school. 🙇‍♀️
I’m recording daily devotions to encourage them. 👍
I would LOVE if you would record yourself sharing a short Bible verse or encouragement with my class.
Let’s remind the Class of 2022 that God has GOT this, even though life looks different than we expected.🙃
DM me or leave your video in the comments. 👇🏻
Thanks! They will appreciate seeing some different faces. 😬
Christina Hergenrader
Christina Hergenrader
Christina Hergenrader3 days ago
If you’re in the same stage I’m in right now (the trunk of our deep-rooted family tree, nurturing the newest buds), you know that the grandparent roots in your family can feel like a specific blessing created especially for your little
Tell me if you've seen 💚Grandparents💚 who...
• were the wisest teachers to model selflessness, grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love;
• noticed a health or emotional issue with their grandkids before they (the parents) had noticed it;
• shared more similarities with their grandkids than with their kids, proving the truth that many passions, gifts, and interests “skip a generation;”
• served as important messengers of the Gospel to their grandkids;
• provided significant financial help to their kids and grandkids;
• discovered they enjoyed being grandparents more than they enjoyed being parents.
Wow. Can we all agree that the concept of grandparents is really genius planning on God’s part? 😌
Here are these people, who love your kids as much as you do, and they’re in the stage of life when they have extra leisure time and money and so much love for the same people you love. 👊
Grandparents are like live wires of love and grace and the Gospel, flowing straight from the roots of your family tree, through the trunk, and to the newest buds.
If you’re the trunk of the family tree—the connector between generations—
nurture this special relationship that will bless both generations.
~~Taken from my book 🌱Family Trees & Olive Branches🌱
On sale NOW for only $9.99 at



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