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Last Summer at Eden

Experience the Christy-award nominated novel for yourself. From the moment nineteen-year-old Poppi Savot steps out of her car and into Camp Eden, she feels at home. This is her dream: a new job as Summer Director in the beautiful southern California hills. Life will be one long songfest around a campfire with s’mores and stories and kids learning about Jesus.

Not so fast.

Eden isn’t paradise.

First, there’s this guy—Jake—who complicates everything. Then, there’s her boss—Bryan—who wastes no time telling her the bad news: There aren’t enough campers. There isn’t enough money. This is Eden’s last summer. She will be unemployed and homeless.

But Poppi has hope. Ridiculous, outrageous, faith-driven hope. Still . . . is that enough?

I love to share stories and scripture with students and moms. Invite me to join your youth group, girl’s club, or church group for your next event or find out where I’ll be speaking next.
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Christina Hergenrader
Last Summer at Eden
Celebrate of camp songs, lifelong friendships, young love, and the Gospel message shared around a campfire with this Christian fiction book by Christina Herg...
Christina Hergenrader
Christina Hergenrader3 days ago
Work day today! ✂️✍🏼 Getting together fun goodies for my next event this Friday!
Question: Do YOU need a Last Summer at Eden poster?!?! Let me know in the comments 👇🏻 and I can mail you one!
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