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Stop trying. You are already enough. You, beautiful girl, are God’s daughter. He chose you, claimed you, and loves you. You belong to Him forever and ever because He adores you. That’s the best news in the history of the world.

For the next six weeks, let’s talk about what God’s sparkle looks like. In these pages, you will find stories, journal prompts, and discussion questions. Let’s dig into His Word and find out how we can shine the Gospel of Jesus to His people.

I love to share stories and scripture with students and moms. Invite me to join your youth group, girl’s club, or church group for your next event or find out where I’ll be speaking next.

Dear Nate (on your first day of middle school)…

Dear Nate (on your first day of Middle School)… Yesterday you told me that you needed to get out of the house. We’d been inside for three days, thanks to Hurricane Nicholas and the chaos it brought to...
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Dear Elisabeth (on your first day of eighth grade)…

The other day a memory popped up of you on your first day of Preschool. I was struck by how your first-day grin has not changed. Back then—and on the first day of eighth grade—your smile looks the...
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