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The women we read about in God’s Word were just regular women like us. And they had the same insecurities and vulnerabilities that we all feel. This study digs deep into the stories of thirteen biblical women for a fresh look at how God reveals His grace through Christ for you.

Each of these twelve sessions includes a short narrative about a typical modern mom s life and a look at a biblical woman s faith story to show how she serves as an example of God s love. Questions encourage the reader to explore pertinent passages and reflect on their meaning for her.

Written in an inviting, friendly tone, this resource is for mothers of all ages.

The lessons look to Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Jochebed, Ruth, Hannah, Eunice and Lois, Bathsheba, Mary, Elizabeth, and the widow of Nain for inspiration.

I love to share stories and scripture with students and moms. Invite me to join your youth group, girl’s club, or church group for your next event or find out where I’ll be speaking next.
Dear Nate- Here’s the funny thing I see happening in our family right now, Nate. Long ago you were assigned to be The Smart One, The Sweetheart, and The One with No-Drama. As the fourth child in a...
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Dear Sam- You know that sign in our gameroom? The little one that says, “Love like Catie, Live like Elisabeth, Laugh like Sam, and Look like Nate?” When we jokingly hung that up, everyone agreed we had one...
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